One has information about oneself only to the extent to which they have communicated it to another.
— Harry Stack Sullivan, 1953
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Relational therapy


Have you ever wished that it could be easy to talk to a therapist? Does the fear of being judged and analyzed prevent you from talking to someone? Relational therapy may be for you.

There are 3 basic pillars of relational therapy that I apply to all the clients I work with:

  • The maintenence of a non-judgemental stance based in the present moment, not in analyzing the past
  • A focus on relationships as the most powerful source of transformation
  • An emphasis on the relationship between therapist and client as essential for effective therapy

With all the various kinds of therapy out there, it can be daunting to try to find the treatment or the therapist who can best help you with your individual needs. CBT, DBT, EFT, ABC, 123. They number in the thousands. Research has shown that a working alliance is the most important aspect of any therapy. 

I treat my clients like people, not patients. 

If this sounds intriguing to you, I encourage you to call me to arrange a consultation. Investing in yourself is always a good investment.


Want to hear more?

Relational psychotherapy is based on the idea that we are fundamentally oriented around relationships from the minute we are conceived through our last breath. Many of the symptoms that drive people to seek therapy (Depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse etc...) can be traced to relational functioning. Your teenager who is isolating in their room and gaming all day, are they also intensely socially anxious? Your brother who is drinking through his troubles at the local bar, is it possible that he's still suffering from the effects of his divorce?  

So much of our emotional life is derived from our connections to others. We need them like we need air.

Do you feel seen and heard? Do you feel like anyone really knows you? Can you experience a sense of connection even with those who you are closest to?

Many people have trouble answering a resounding yes to those questions. You are not alone. Often times we as people come to adopt certain assumptions about ourselves, about others, and about relationships.  Call me and begin the process of restoring this most important aspect of a full and happy life.


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