Climate professionals

Climate change presents a unique and sometimes overwhelming challenge. Do you work or volunteer for environmental causes? Do you drift between states of grief, anxiety, dread or apathy? Tending to your internal experience can vastly improve your efficacy of engagement with these important issues. Also consider inquiring about my ongoing climate consult group.


Outdoor and mountain professionals

“Seek ye first the kingdom of nature that the kingdom of people may be realized.” -Wili Unsoeld

Rock Climbers, Mountain Runners, Freeskiers, Mountain Guides, Search and Rescue professionals; Colorado is a hub for outdoor professions and lifestyles. Are looking for someone who understands the unique dynamics of high-risk endeavors, whether personal or professional? Have you found yourself looking for more than a mountain can offer? Let’s talk.


Looking to improve your capacity for relationships? Struggling with emotions that you can’t control and don’t understand? Everyone needs someone in their corner. Set aside some time for you and make therapy part of your self-care routine.


Partnership is noble quest, and often a demanding one. As in other relationships, working with what happens between you and your partner can offer a wealth of benefits for both partners. Whether your in conflict or simply looking to deepen your connection, I’d enjoy the chance to make your most important relationship my client.


Are you negotiating changing circumstances that have an effect on multiple members of your family? Would you like a space to have conversations with each other that are more difficult, or might never happen at home? Often times family is the subject of individual therapy, and for good reason. Familial relationships have a strong influence on our day-to-day well-being. See how powerful it can be to do therapy with everyone together.