Climate change consult group-online

Accepting new members 6/24/19

“We are hampered in our meeting of the environmental crisis by a severe and pervasive apathy, which is based largely upon attitudes of which we are unconscious”

-Harold Searles, 1972

This unique group is for individuals engaged with climate change looking for support in their work and seeking to deepen their relationship with the psychological dimensions of environmental issues.


Individual therapy for adults

Having evolved over many decades, the practice of seeing an individual therapist individually can offer a wealth of benefits to you. It can be especially helpful if the idea of a group or couples work doesn't sound appealing, or feels unsafe. It's a rare occurrence in this world to have someone who will genuinely listen, help you feel understood and help you see what you might not be seeing. Individual therapy can also be very effective in conjunction with couples, family or group work.

Consultation and supervision for clinicians

Every therapist can benefit from a keen ear and skilled ally to help you with your difficult cases. I'll help you piece things together. Call to discuss an arrangement.


family treatment

Working with families can provide deep possibilities for transformation that last for generations to come. Are there unhealthy patterns of relationship in your family? How well do you know the members of your family? With the whole family in the room, progress can be made at a rapid rate, addressing what might take years to uncover in individual therapy in a matter of months or weeks. Change the course of your family history and call me to talk about how to approach family work if you're considering it for you and your family. 


organizational consultation and strategy

Group processes are not confined to therapy. Group dynamics are alive in all kinds of groups and organizations and as a group facilitator over the last 16 years, I have honed a unique skill in organizational assessment that is research-based and grounded in a powerful and clinically sophisticated approach to the dynamic processes within groups and organizations. I offer a custom consultation package catered to your organizations specific needs that will improve organizational efficacy and the long term viability of your company. Call me to discuss your particular situation